A Lion’s Habitat


We arrived back in Kenya a week ago and we are already back in the saddle! Whenever we leave to go to the U.S., we aren’t ever sure how we will feel when we return to Africa. Will we be confident that this is where we are supposed to be? Will it feel like “home”? Will we feel settled? Well, the answer this time is yes to all three of those questions. Moses put it best… “Dad, you know how a lion needs to be in it’s own habitat? It’s the same for me – I belong in Africa.”

Rift Valley Academy is back in session and Student Health is in full gear. Shane has already met with many of his Sports Friends leaders and has already gotten pulled over by the police, too! (Almost a guarantee when he drives to Nairobi – made him feel right at home again 🙂

Thank you for all that you have done to help us get here and serve in our roles. You are such an important part of our team!

Shane, Allyson, Mia and Moses

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