From Hannah

Dear family and friends,

I would like to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who has been praying for me as I began this new adventure as a college student at Texas A&M University! The Lord has provided for me more than I could have ever imagined in these past few days of starting classes and getting adjusted.

First of all, my roommate and I get along really well! I honestly don’t think we could have been matched up any better! Her name is Molly and she is an education major. Along with late-night talks, Molly and I have enjoyed working out together, walking to near by shops, and figuring out the crazy bus system. Considering I went potluck, this match-up is all God.

Secondly, my first day of classes I went to the wrong classroom (I even went 2 hours early!). By the time I realized that I was at the wrong classroom and found the correct building on my map, I had only 5 minutes left to get all the way across campus. As I was walking I prayed, “God, please help me run into someone that can help me find my class in time.” At that moment I ran right into two senior girls. So I thought it couldn’t hurt and asked them if they knew where my class was. One of the girls looked at the number and said, “What are the chances! I had that class last semester! I will walk you there!” After getting me to my class (on time!) she gave me her number and told me if I ever need anything to give her a call. I couldn’t believe what had just happened and was so so thankful for God looking out for me and providing the exact person I needed.

On my way to my second class, I sat down on the bus and introduced myself to the girl sitting next to me. She asked me what my major was and I told her Special Education. Next, she asked me where I was from and I told her Kenya. She lit up! “My parents are missionaries in Haiti! They run a ministry for children with disabilities.” I was shocked. She then went on to say, “I was praying that God would put me on the bus with a new freshman that needed encouragement as they were beginning school. I just want to tell you that God has crazy awesome plans for you here! Also, I know what it is like to have family living overseas and not have anywhere to go to take a break or spend a holiday. Let me give you my number. If you ever need a place to crash or someone to drive you to the store or help with anything please call me! I have a house in College Station and you are always welcome.” Oh man – I was in awe of God and how he had put me on that exact bus for a reason, in the only seat left when I got on. I got a text earlier today and she asked to have lunch tomorrow!

After being so excited about everything that happened on Monday I was feeling confident knowing that God has crazy awesome plans for me here and that he will provide for me here at A&M. I attended my first Tuesday/Thursday classes this morning. The first two went well, nothing too exciting about either of them. Then I got to the class I dreaded most… English (sorry Mrs. Gennaro! :). English has always been a subject I have not enjoyed very much –  I am not a strong writer and I feel very exposed and vulnerable when other people read my papers. On my way to class one guy teased me, “Yeah, good luck. That class has so many papers!” I sat down at a desk in a small classroom with about 20 people. My English professor introduced herself. She talked about where she went to college, what her degree is in, and then literally made me get goosebumps when she said “Oh, and fun fact, I graduated from a boarding school in Kenya called Rift Valley Academy!” My jaw dropped. What were the chances that I would have this English professor out of all the professors at my school and that she would have graduated from RVA? Honestly, the chances are literally zero. My professor even told the class that she didn’t know what their spiritual background was, but that she had been praying for each one of us by name for the past 3 weeks!I was blown away again by God’s great, intensely personal, love for me and how He goes before us and literally does the impossible.

I just got home from my classes and felt that I needed to tell all of you about how God has shown Himself to me these past few days. I am so giddy with excitement knowing it was all Him and that He is so obviously with me and providing for me during this time of transition. And not just in small ways – in huge, mind-blowing ways that leave me oozing with excitement for Him and wanting to tell everyone about what He has done for me this week!

Thank you all so much for your prayers! I am thrilled to be here at College Station knowing that this is where He wants me and that I can rely on Him no matter what.

Thanks and Gig’ em,

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