13 Years Ago…

Today marks the 13thanniversary of Moses’ adoption day! We have enjoyed celebrating him and the joy he has brought to our family – can’t imagine life without this wingnut! 

Here’s what we’ve been up to:

 Shane continues to stay busy with Sports Friends and fundraising. He’s been working with a team developing strategies to expand Sports Friends into other countries. He is also helping develop child safety policies/structure and is leading a task force responsible for evaluating the Sports Friends master project with SIM. There’s been a lot going on! Shane leaves Friday for meetings with teams working in creative access countries and will go on to Kenya for a few days after that. It will be great for him to get to see our Kenya peeps!

Allyson continues to get up to speed on American healthcare and has her hand in a few different prn jobs. So much has changed since leaving over 10 years ago! We have realized how important it has been to be back this year to help keep Allyson up to date and marketable if we were to ever settle in the U.S. again. 

Hannah graduates from Texas A&M next month as a special ed teacher! She is interviewing for teaching jobs and is hoping to teach kindergarten. 

Mia is almost finished with her freshman year at Georgetown. She just found out she was accepted to be an RA next year which will be a great leadership opportunity for her as well as a great help with tuition. 

Moses has taken full advantage of sports while being in the US. He has participated in football, basketball, soccer and track! 

We have been speaking at different home groups, businesses and churches as part of our fundraising for Sports Friends and our personal support. If you’d like us to come share about the opportunities God has given us to share the love of Christ overseas, let us know! We’d love tell you all about it. Every time we share we feel encouraged when we hear how God is working and we hope it will encourage you, too. 

Happy Easter,

Shane and Allyson 

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