Kenyan Health Care Strike

Health Strike

Kenya is in the midst of a Health Care crisis. The country is on day #59 of a country-wide government Doctors’ Strike. Beginning tonight, the Kenyan nurses are also planning to strike. While the Doctors’ Strike has already severely crippled the Health Care System, this impending Nurses’ Strike will be even more devastating. Kijabe Hospital is a private mission hospital with non-government-paid Kenyan doctors, plus expat missionary doctors which means still Kijabe still has doctors working to care for patients. Due to the impact of the government strike over the past 2 months, the workload in Kijabe has increased significantly since more patients are having to come to Kijabe for treatment. In less than 8 hours, though, the Kijabe nurses are planning to strike. This has left Kijabe Hospital with no choice but to empty as many beds as possible, anticipating that there will be almost no nurses to care for the patients.

The issues surrounding the strikes are multifaceted and complicated. Will you please pray with us right now that hearts will be softened on all sides and that a fair solution will be reached? Please also pray for the people of Kenya who are impacted the most by this situation. People are literally losing their lives with their inability to access health care across the country. Allyson is still working in OB throughout this time Рpray for safe deliveries for these mothers and babies! Also pray for stamina for the medical workers remaining in the hospitals. The load they are carrying is heavy and exhausting. We will keep you updated as we can.

Shane and Allyson, Hannah, Mia, and Moses

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