The Nurses’ Strike Is Over!

Strike OverThe Kijabe Hospital nurses are back at work as of Saturday! The hospital is filling quickly. When Allyson went in to welcome back the nurses on Saturday night, every bed in maternity was full, including the beds in the delivery room… plus there were three actively laboring women sitting in chairs waiting for beds to empty. The place was very ALIVE once again! Thank you for your prayers during such a difficult few weeks.

Keep praying, though, as the national Doctors’ Strike is still ongoing (since December!) and the national Nurses’ Union is planning to strike on March 3rd. Kenya is still in the midst of an overwhelming health care crisis. We are thankful that Kijabe Hospital is back in action with a renewed sense of hope and teamwork as we work together to provide health care to the people of Kenya (and beyond!).

Shane and Allyson, Hannah, Mia, and Moses

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